According to an article written by The new york times

Brooklyn State Senator Eric Adams, was sponsoring a billboard campaign with the slogan:

“Raise your pants, raise your image!”

Here’s the story behind his aforementioned distaste for fashion and why he finally took the step of raising a campaign against it.

Mr Adams said:

โ€œI was on a subway train and there was this young man, literally showing his back. They looked at each other with emotion, but no one said anything.”

So, under his sponsorship, in several locations in Brooklyn, a message was raised for black young men that raising their trousers (pants) meant raising their image.

It’s clearly disrespectful to march on a public road with your trousers hanging down. People don’t want to see your underwear, and sometimes even what’s under your boxers! That’s not fashion! That was actually the dress code for black men who were prisoners in America.

Find out more about the saggy pants culture, its history, controversies and legal codes of conduct.

Are sagging trousers a sign of disrespect?

It may not be for the wearer.You might think of it as a fashion statement following your favorite hip-hop star, but to the viewer, they’re Definitely a big sign of disrespect.

Imagine that you are standing in line and the person standing in front of you is showing off his underpants or boxers (sometimes even half his waist is exposed).

Are you embarrassed or looked down upon?

Why would you want to see someone’s plain clothes? I mean keep it to yourself! It’s not even fashion!


Sagging pants usually means wearing pants, trousers, or jeans below waist level.

The history of trouser sagging

Black men who were supposed to pose a threat to Americans were taken prisoner by whites, and in prison they weren’t allowed to wear belts with their trousers.

The trousers were also not tailored for a specific prisoner, so the trousers fell below the waist, exposing the underwear below the waist and exposing the hips.

It is often controversial that loose trousers were a sign of sexual exploitation of prisoners!

However, the facts behind this controversy have not been proven.

Cultural background of sagging trousers:

Of course, commoners will not obey what belongs to prisons!

The actual trend for saggy pants started with some rappers from Ice Tea and Too Short. They used to wear low-waisted pants and show off their matching boxers from the inside.

In general, hip-hop enthusiasts definitely follow popular rappers and consider it a high-end fashion statement.

Furthermore, boxer shorts and underpants with sewn underwear (showing underwear) have become popular and are loved by the younger generation.

The Controversy Behind Sagging Pants:

Of course, in today’s world, you are free to wear whatever you choose, as long as it’s not your work environment and no one is supposed to judge you.

So if someone wears loose pants and you try to fight the trend, you will be called a racist (remember, loose pants were for black men). .

And rap!

There’s a difference between wearing low-waisted jeans and loose pants!

While the former is an accepted fashion style, the latter is definitely considered disrespectful.

You should always wear clothes that enhance your personality and make a positive impact on those who see you!

But despite that, you are free to wear whatever you want and you won’t be put behind bars for it.

With that said, it’s time to wrap up this post and say goodbye with hopes of seeing you soon in the next one.

Until then, wear your favorite outfit and show off your style!



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