Safety Tips for Buying and Managing Christmas Lights

It’s the season when Christmas lights start to light up in the neighborhood. Before you start decorating, there are a few important safety tips you should know to prevent Christmas from becoming a disaster.

Work Safe Queensland We’ve thought of everything when it comes to Christmas lights safety. Here is a list of tips for buying, installing, packing, and managing your Christmas lights this year.

Important safety tips

  • Purchase Australian compliant Christmas lights (do not use lights purchased from overseas on the internet).
  • Look for this logo:
  • Before using last year’s Christmas lights, unwrap them and inspect the plugs, leads, and lamp holders to make sure there are no exposed wires or obvious damage.
  • Do not alter or modify lights
  • Indoor lighting is indoor and outdoor lighting, use outdoors only.
  • Outdoor lighting and equipment must be waterproof and rated at least IP23.
  • Ensure outdoor lighting (always turn off outdoor lighting in these situations) to avoid damage in many summer winds and storms.
  • Make sure all lights, extension leads and power boards are suitable for their intended use (e.g. do not add an additional 4-bay power pack to a 4-bay power pack).
  • Keep Christmas lights out of reach of children
  • Always turn off the decorative lights before going to bed or leaving the house.

Note: Make sure your Christmas lights have insulating pins. Electrical appliances, including Christmas lights, sold after 2006 require insulating pins. Without the insulated pins, the Christmas lights do not meet the latest safety requirements. Insurance may not apply in the event of a fire.


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