As the name implies, ostrich boots are made from the skin of the ostrich. Therefore, unlike normal leather boots made of sheepskin, the processing is also different from other leather boots.

We all know that applying oil to leather boots will moisturize, revive and make them last longer. There is no problem using it.

But are these oils safe for your ostrich leather boots?

Let’s find out from this comprehensive guide I created …

First, the use of Oil -based products are strictly prohibited by ostrich bootsTherefore, if you want to adjust the condition of the ostrich boots, Use aqueous leather conditioner Immerse yourself and dry without sticking to the ostrich leather!

Before going to the refueling part, first learn how to clean the ostrich boots. Dirty boots can be damaged early, even if they are well -maintained.

How to clean the ostrich boots?

Cleaning of ostrich boots is the same as normal cowhide boots.You are After wearing it every time you wear it, just rub it with a soft microfiber cross or horse hair brush.

If your boots are muddy and dirty, moisten the cloth with water to remove dirt. A little soapy water will do, but remember to remove any soap residue with a clean damp cloth afterwards.

Finally, don’t forget to completely dry your boots before storing in the storage.

How to wash ostrich boots?

As you mentioned, ostrich boots are more delicate than regular leather boots. So don’t overuse them with detergent.

Mix dish soap in a bowl of water and use a soft, lint-free cloth to clean your ostrich boots.

Do not leave the residue of soap. Otherwise, the stain will remain in the ostrich leather. Therefore, wipe off the soapy water with a clean and wet cloth and dry the boots using a boot dryer.

Is it possible to apply oil to the boots of the ostrich?

After extensive research, we have found that ostrich leather is extremely sensitive to all types of oils.

Oil seeps into the pores of ostrich leather, causing them to clog and, after multiple uses, to become wet from the inside, ultimately prematurely damaging the boot.

What is the condition of Oustric boots?

As such, I’ve found that oil-based conditioners aren’t great for ostrich leather. Still, they definitely need conditioning and moisturizing! If you do not perform proper conditioning, the ostrich leather will dry out and cracks will occur.

I found some highly effective water-based conditions that are great to use to condition, soften, and revive ostrich skin.

The first one is Big More Exotic Tick It is used for exotic leather and specially designed to process them. 100%safe and effective for ostrich skin leather.

It conditions, softens and revives old leather and prevents future wear and tear on ostrich leather.

The second is, Cadillac boots and shoes leather lotion This is also an exotic leather lotion. Helps condition ostrich leather, removes water spots and also helps prevent future leather cracking. Also, wax -free.

The other two products are Scout Exotic Leather Spray and Angelus Exotic Leather Spray, which you can find online or get from the store.

Now you know what conditioning products to use for your ostrich boots. But what is the correct procedure for conditioning?


1.) First, clean the ostrich boots with a dry cloth.

2.) If the dirt is severe, moisten the cloth a little and rub the dirty part.

3.) Dry the boots

4.) Remove dirt on the welt part of the boots with a toothbrush

5.) Sorry, just use the above oil-free conditioner liberally all over your boots.

6.) Use Angelus shoes cleaning brush The conditioner is completely applied to the boots so that the spray penetrates the entire boots so that it is uniform.

7.) Dry the boots with boot dryer

How to polish Oustric boots?

Brushing your boots before and after applying any of the above conditioners will give your ostrich boots a shine and sheen. can be used.

Apply a thin layer of wax polish and work in circular motions with a clean microfiber cloth. The more you polish it, the more gloss it will come out.

The advantage of wax-based polishes is that they not only make your ostrich boots shine, they also act as a water repellent for your boots!

How often do you do the Conditioning of Oustric boots?

Ostrich boots are very delicate and require regular care and maintenance. That’s why it’s so important to clean up after you get home. Otherwise, the dirt will settle on the surface of the boot, making it difficult to clean.

It also requires more conditioning than normal leather boots.So make sure you adjust your ostrich boots once every two months To make them last longer.

And it’s a rap!

I hope this article helps. We guarantee that the above products are completely safe for your beloved ostrich boots and will keep them looking great for years to come.

Look forward to the details of this site!

Until then…

Be careful and have a wonderful day!



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