The least you can try is drilling a few holes in the upper of your boot with a nail!

That’s hilarious.

Oh, it’s actually hilarious and not worth a second thought at all!

i really can pierce the boot I think using a leather puncher is very unwise and can even ruin your boots.

Another way is remove the waterproof coating and the leather is exposed. Bare leather is porous and therefore breathable.

again, Get loose boots and loosen the laces Allowing the boot tongue to make way for ventilation is a few practical ways to ventilate work boots.

There are very few ways to actually ventilate your boots, but of course there are ways to keep your feet cool and dry inside your boots.

Learn all the tips to keep your feet comfortable, cool and dry all day long in the summer!

Why do boots need ventilation?

It is very important that your work boots have vents. Poorly ventilated work boots can cause problems such as:

      • feet sweat profusely
      • Foot sweat causes odor
      • Sweaty feet can cause rashes and blisters
      • Your feet get cold when you sweat

Ventilation method for work boots

Of course, dealing with sweaty feet isn’t easy, and the long-term effects are unacceptable, right?

So I found some great hacks to allow air circulation inside the boot.

1. Remove the waterproof coating from your boots

A waterproof coating is typically a silicone spray or wax-based coating used to close the pores in leather. You can wear them down by washing your boots regularly with dishwashing liquid or by scraping off the wax-based coating with a plastic knife.

2. Choose boots with vents in the upper

Some boots are designed with holes already punched to form some pattern in the upper (usually the front end of the boot). These holes allow for good air circulation inside the boot.

3. Choose boots with breathable mesh linings, or have them installed by your shoe manufacturer

Breathable mesh lined boots

A mesh lining is one of the best ways to ventilate your work boots. Allows continuous airflow to keep feet cool and dry.

4. Loosen the tongue pad

Lace the boot loosely and leave the tongue pad slightly loose. This allows plenty of airflow inside the boot to keep your feet dry and cool.

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How to keep your feet cool and dry in work boots

If your feet get sweaty or your work boots don’t breathe well, there are ways to control sweat.

1. Dust your boots and feet with talcum powder before putting them on.

Talcum powder not only keeps sweat away, but also absorbs sweat from your feet.

2. Spray your feet with antiperspirant before putting on your work boots.

Antiperspirants do the same for your feet by controlling sweat production on your feet and controlling odor.

3. Put in the cooling insoles

Absorbent insoles are thin sheets that provide slight cushioning to your feet and control and absorb sweat generated by your feet.

4. Wear a sockliner

The sockliner absorbs sweat to keep your feet cool and dry all day long.

5. Wear cotton socks

Cotton socks help absorb sweat and dry themselves fairly quickly as well.

6. Take off your boots between work

Whether it’s lunchtime or tea break, take off your boots for a while and dry your socks and feet. This allows your feet to breathe freely and helps control sweat and odor.

And it’s a wrap!

There aren’t many ways to ventilate your boots, but there are plenty of ways to keep your feet from sweating.

So try the tips that work best for you!

This is the only friend of this post. I hope you enjoy reading with me. If so, keep an eye on the site for more exciting articles on work boots.

Until then, keep walking, stay healthy and active, and stop sweating!



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