Cut resistant sleeves to protect arms

If you find yourself regularly carrying heavy, sharp, or other hazardous items at work, you know how important it is to have protection, literally down to your elbows. If you’re in the glass, metal, or woodworking industry, Elliott has you covered. It has the highest cut, abrasion and tear resistance.

Range of Elliotts G-Flex sleeves with level 5 cut resistance

Manufactured with Dynamax technology, our C5 sleeves offer full arm protection without sacrificing comfort or ease of use. Our protective sleeves are ideal for all applications where forearm heat and cut protection is required. Elliotts stocks two styles of protective sleeves.

G-Flex® Dynamax® C5 sleeve

Available with or without reinforcement, our G-Flex® Dynamax® C5 sleeve Protects against cuts, scrapes, punctures and heat. These seamless sleeves are 40cm long and offer full protection for your forearms. The genuine Dynamax outer provides the highest cut level 5 protection and high contact thermal protection up to 100°C. A thumb slot minimizes movement, protects the wrist, and provides the wearer with maximum comfort and ease of use.Also available in our G-Flex® Dynamax® C5 sleeve with leather reinforcementfor additional support and protection.

C5 cut resistant sleeve with thumb loop

Leather reinforced C5 safety sleeve
Leather reinforced C5 safety sleeve

G-Flex® Dynamax® C5 Sleeve (Open List)

Characterized by an open list style, brand new The Open Wrist G-Flex® Dynamax® C5 Sleeve is made from the same protective materials as our traditional C5 sleeves to provide maximum protection with dexterity and comfort. Hook-and-loop closure tabs at the upper arm openings of the sleeves make donning easier, and the seamless sleeves themselves offer the same Cut Level 5 protection as well as high contact thermal protection up to 100°C.

C5 cut sleeve (open list)
C5 cut sleeve (open wrist)

For complete hand and arm protection without compromising on comfort and ease of use, look no further than Elliotts range of G-Flex® Dynamax® safety gloves and sleeves.


Contact us today to learn more about our protective sleeves and how they can improve workplace safety. 07 3265 2944 Also Please use the inquiry form To request a current glove brochure.



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