2016 is a big year for the Elliotts team. It’s our 50th anniversary.th anniversary.

Our passion for quality safety clothing and reliable service began in Queensland in 1966 when Dick and Liz Elliott founded RE Elliott & Son, a manufacturer of carpenter’s leather nail bags and gloves. rice field.

Our humble beginnings under the house, our commitment to quality and our high level of service have allowed us to grow rapidly and soon move to our first factory in Nunda, Brisbane.

An early focus on innovation and changing industry needs has significantly expanded our product range to include welding apparel, firefighter suits, protective clothing for firefighters and more.

Elliott’s manufacturing facility in Brisbane grew rapidly. Manufacturing partners were established in Asia in the early 1970s and an additional manufacturing facility was established in Fiji in 1999. Elliotts continues to proudly manufacture their products in Australia today.

Expanding beyond its Queensland base, Elliott now has over 1,000 distributors across Australia and a growing number in New Zealand, South East Asia and the Pacific Rim, an international leading provider of quality safety clothing and PPE. supplier.

Over the next 50 years, our reputation for providing quality care in all of our products has gone beyond commercial considerations to focus on what matters most: the protection you need to keep you safe. It has been built on our commitment to aim.

This commitment is stronger today than ever, and our growth and success are the result of our unwavering focus on providing quality safety equipment to the highest standards.

Our success over the last 50 years is due to our customers’ dynamic and positive spirit of “doing the right thing”. As we begin another chapter in Elliott’s story, we continue our never-ending quest for the most innovative safety and care technologies available.

With 50 years of industry experience, you can be completely confident that every product that bears our name is trustworthy. take carebecause we took care to get it right.



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