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Hand and finger injuries are one of the most common occurrences in the Australian manufacturing, construction, mining, oil and gas industries, resulting in a significant number of PPE gloves on the Australian market (both online and in stores). Available. Choosing the right gloves for maximum customer protection?

In a nutshell, which gloves best support their role depends on what kind of work they do.

When choosing or recommending gloves, many people are unaware that there is no standardized area of ​​protection between different gloves. Protective gloves for cut 5 may have stated that they are resistant. However, all specimens are taken from different glove palms for classification. This means that the only areas of the glove that provide specific protection are the palm and fingers, not necessarily the sidewalls of the fingers and the back of the hand. result? Some tasks may unknowingly expose your hands to hazardous conditions.

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AS/NZS 2161.3:2005 Glove Types

Mec-Flex Riggers GT Mechanics GlovesSo, in principle, there are two types of gloves in the Elliotts AS/NZS 2161.3:2005 series.

  • knit. Consistently, the entire glove offers the same level of cut resistance, 360 degree protection (e.g. G Flex Dynamax)
  • Cut and sewn. Generally, these styles of gloves only provide palm and finger protection (e.g. Mec-Flex Oiler Pro)

Check the glove information panel

Another “checkout” area of ​​the globe is this info panel that appears on all globes.

globe information panelGloves tested are given a performance rating of 1 to 4 (worst to best) in some or all of the categories listed. The exception is the “blade cut resistance” test, which is measured from 1 to 5. One or more digits are often replaced with an ‘x’. This means that the corresponding test was not run.

Knowing how to understand these panels is very helpful when choosing all certified equipment, not just gloves, as these symbols and systems are standard in Australia.

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