Woolies flannel shrinks. It is well known that flannel shrinks. Quite a lot actually. So if you take your woolly flannel home and pre-wash it before (and after) use, the fabric will definitely shrink and become smaller than when it was put in the dryer.

This post details why wooly flannel shrinks, how much it shrinks, and effective ways to restore shrunken flannel.

Woolies flannel shrink properties

What is the most likely cause of shrinkage in woolly flannel? Let’s take a closer look now in this article.

1.) exposed to hot water while washing

2.) dry at high temperature

3.) overdry

Four.) Gentle washing in the washing machine.

Five.) Using bad detergents.

6.) How to use fabric softener

7. ) Poor fabric quality.

Woolly flannel shrinks when exposed to heat. When washed in hot water, this kind of fabric will shrink and become smaller than its original size. Hot water means water that is at least 120 degrees Fahrenheit.

As a result of this characteristic, it should be noted that extreme care must be taken when washing this fabric, so it is recommended that the washing machine is always set to cold water during washing. Using a low heat setting or lukewarm water is fine.

They also tend to shrink when tumbled in the washer or dryer. Woolly flannel can shrink, fray, or wrinkle if vigorously agitated. So heavy washing will pull the flannel and shrink it in size. Therefore, always treat flannel gently and politely.

So if you wash your flannel in cold water (whether it’s wool, cotton, or synthetics), be sure to select the “gentle cycle” in the washing machine. If you don’t want to risk it, you can wash the flannel manually.

Another important aspect to consider when washing woolly flannel is the detergent you use. Using the wrong detergent will almost certainly damage the flannel and eventually reduce its size.

It’s no big deal to use some random detergent you see in the store. Chemicals such as chlorine, enzymes and phosphates in detergents are harmful to flannel. Always check to see if the detergent you use to wash contains these compounds.

Fabric softeners, on the other hand, are harmful to wool flannel. .

Chemicals that cause fabric softener barriers can cause problems with the fabric’s ability to breathe, and can eventually cause the fabric to lose its ability to maintain its original shape. Half a cup can be used.

Woolies flannel, on the other hand, will shrink if dried at high temperatures or over dried. One reason is that wool makes up the majority of woolly flannel.

Wool, as you know, is a type of fiber material obtained from the skins of animals such as sheep and goats. And they contain microscopic scales that cover the outer areas of these animals’ hair.

So when these microscopic scales are heated, they mesh and shrink, making the wool stiffer and shorter.

7 Lists To Look Out For When Washing Woolies Flannel

1.) Use hot/cold water, avoid hot water (above 120 degrees Fahrenheit)

2.) Use mild detergents (avoid chlorine, enzymes, phosphates)

3.) Use white vinegar instead of fabric softener

Four.) use diluted bleach

Five.) Use the gentle cycle option on your machine

6.) Hang the flannel to dry

7. ) When ironing woolly flannel, iron from the back side.

Another reason woolly flannel shrinks is the poor quality of the fabric. It is a well-known and universal fact that where there is good quality, there will naturally be low quality. This also applies to woolly flannel.

Over time, low cost flannel can shrink. So it is very important to know what to look for when buying woolly flannel.

How do I know if my wooly flannel is of good quality?

• First, look at the weave. One way to tell if it’s bad quality is to give it a little tug. If it is slightly distorted, you can judge that the quality is poor.

• Higher quality flannel has a natural fluff and is slightly heavier, fuller and thicker than lower quality flannel. When you put it on your cheeks, you can feel the fluffy feeling. Also, regular woolly he flannel does not fold flat.

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How much does Woolies flannel shrink?

Woolies flannel may shrink slightly after each wash as the fibers of the fabric loosen with use and then come together. This means that when natural fibers come into contact with water, the material will definitely shrink.

Woolly flannel shrinks up to 20% when washed in hot water. That is, the size will be 2-3 sizes smaller.

While this is a change of enormous scale, it is also a considerable financial waste. So be very careful with heat shrinks.Also keep in mind Prewashed flannel can shrink up to 3%.

So the next question might be whether the flannel will shrink if not washed in hot water. yes. But up to a point. Flannel can be prevented from shrinking by washing it in cold water, or at least with water set to low heat.

However, the trick is not to wash the flannel in hot water. Properly wash and dry the fabric regularly. By doing so, the shrinkage is dramatically reduced with every wash attempt.

However, when purchasing wool flannel, it’s always a good idea to go 1/4 to 1/2 size. Even if woolly flannel shrinks in the wash, it still retains the fabric you need for your particular application.

How to unshrunk shrink woolly flannel

Below are some of the effective and careful methods you can employ to wash woolly flannel without severely damaging or shrinking the fabric.

1.) Get a bucket that fits your clothes perfectly and isn’t crowded.

2.) Fill the bucket halfway with hot or cold water.

3.) Pour 1 cup of baby shampoo into the mix.

Four.) Soak the woolly flannel in hot or cold water for a few minutes.

Five.) Try gently massaging the flannel back and forth.

6.) Do not rinse flannel taken from the bucket.

7. ) Gently remove the flannel from the bucket

8.) Simply wring the cloth lightly to remove excess moisture.

9.) Do not squeeze the flannel.

Ten.) Place the towel on the ground or other flat surface.

11.) put the flannel on top of the towel

12.) Try shaping the flannel by trimming it to the shape of the towel.

13.) Use a fan to circulate air through the flannel and avoid hot air

14.) Gently stretch the flannel to its original size while blowing.

In conclusion

Woolies Flannel is one of the most popular and convenient fabrics, especially among those living in colder climates. It gives off a fuzzy, cozy vibe that gives you the warmth and comfort you need.

However, the fabric is prone to shrinkage, so it is always recommended to handle, wash, dry and iron according to fully written instructions.

These simple methods outlined in this article will give you a clear idea of ​​how to properly care for your woolly flannel to maintain its original shape, as well as how to deal with shrinkage issues.

With proper washing and treatment, woolly flannel will last a long time, retain its original shape, stay vibrant in color, and look and feel like new for years to come.



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