Changes to the EN388 Safety Gloves Standard

Mid-2016 marks a turning point for the safety industry as the revised EN388 standard for gloves is published and available to the public.

Reason for change

The EN388 standard has not been revised since 2003. Since then, advances have been made in the materials used to produce high-quality, cut-resistant gloves. For example, the current method used to test EN388 cut resistance is not ideal for gloves with steel and glass blended liners as the test blade can dull rapidly. The data from the EN ISO 13997 test are therefore considered to provide an additional cutting performance indicator.

what changed?

There are three things you should know about changes in the EN388 standard.

  1. The EN388 standards project recommends that the results of the ENO ISO 13997 test method should be considered when gloves that provide a high level of cut protection are desired. This cross-validates the cut level protection of the glove.
  2. The ISO test method is expected to be adopted by the EN 388 test method and the results are categorized and presented as follows:

ISO test classification

  1. This means that the symbol displayed on all EN 388 certified safety gloves will change. Additional ISO performance level results may be added as Numbers following existing EN388 test results below pictograms. Below is a comparison of his current EN388 symbol and his revised EN388 symbol.

EN388 standard comparison

And finally…

All this new information may seem confusing now, but these changes will make the EN 388 standard more accurate and reliable, improving glove testing and selection overall. It is believed that According to Olivier Boubeaud, member of the technical committee responsible for revising the standard:EN388 2016 helps protective glove users make better and more informed choices about the products they buy, making their gloves more reliable.

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