Common Reasons Workers Don’t Wear Safety Gloves

It is widely known that gloves are the first line of protection for hands. In fact, statistics show that wearing protective gloves in industrial work reduces the risk of hand injuries by up to 60%. But getting employees to wear protective gloves is one of the biggest challenges employers face. why is this? Here are his three main complaints about wearing safety gloves and how to deal with them.

1.”Wearing gloves makes your hands sweaty and slippery.โ€

Many workers find that gloves make their hands too hot and sweaty, impeding their ability to work. This is because the inside of some gloves is made of a material that pushes sweat against your skin.

Elliott’s recommendations: To prevent this from happening, it is recommended to wear gloves made of materials such as nylon and HPPE fibers that are designed to breathe and gloves that are designed to allow ventilation.In this way the glove is breathable or draws moisture away from the hands allowing ventilation and evaporation of sweat. G-Flex Safety Gloves Designed with a nylon seamless liner and finger-dip technology for back-of-hand ventilation.

2.”I can’t work because my gloves are too bulky.”

When workers need to splice wires or handle small parts, gloves are often too bulky and inconvenient. The main reason for this is that safety gloves are either too small or too big.

Mec-Flex Utility Pro Safety GlovesElliott’s recommendations: As a rule of thumb, think of safety gloves like a second skin.In other words, properly fitted safety gloves follow the natural movements of the hand and help reduce mechanical stress. Mec-Flex Mechanics gloves.

3.”These gloves have no grip.”

When workers cannot grip objects firmly, even with safety gloves, they apply more force, which can lead to fatigue and repetitive motion injury (RMI).

Elliott’s recommendations: Not all gloves are designed for grip. Look for gloves designed specifically for grip like Elliotts G-Flex Technical Safety Gloves. It uses a T-Touch coating to provide excellent grip, especially in oily and greasy conditions.

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