Extreme heat can be bread and (melted) butter for many workers, but it should never be underestimated. Proper safety precautions, such as PPE, are essential to avoid injury. Here at Elliot, we offer a variety of services. contact heat resistant gloves When Radiation-resistant gloves, each perfectly suited to different types of hazards. No matter what type of heat hazard you are dealing with in your workplace, we have a product for your situation.

How to choose a glove style

Not all types of heat resistance are built in the same context. Some gloves are suitable for prolonged contact with heat, while others are designed to handle boiling liquids. Choosing the right type is important. To help you stay safe, we’ve created a simple checklist of things to consider.

What type of heat are you working with?

-contact heat?

o Direct contact with hazardous materials?

– convective heat?

o Will the air around the hazard be hot?

– Radiant heat?

o Are you very close to danger?

・Molten metal splash prevention?

o Is molten metal being poured?

Heat Resistant Gloves - MagnaShield Aluminized Preox with Woven Kevlar Palmo Is there a potential spill?

– Damp heat?

o Is the hazardous material a liquid?

o Is the hazardous material covered in liquid?

What level of heat are you dealing with?

– What is the ambient temperature?

– What is the temperature of tools/equipment/handling items?

Heat Resistant Gloves - MagnaShield Aramid GlovesWhat other elements need protection?

– How do you handle abrasives?

– Handling knives/sharp objects?

– Do you handle items that can tear your gloves?

– How do you handle objects that can puncture your gloves?

What are the conditions?

– What is your task?

– What tools/equipment have you been working with and for how long?

– How much dexterity do you need?

– How long have you been working?

ChemVex NX50 Thermal and Chemical Gloves– What other protective equipment should I wear?

– How long is the protection period?

o Do I need to cover my forearms?

Elliotts has designed, created and produced. professional gloves Over 50 years. We are constantly on the lookout for new and better technologies while improving our own products.We also prioritize exceeding Australian and international safety standards. All of our designs are independently tested for efficacy and are internationally certified wherever possible.


If you have any doubts or questions about glove selection, please contact Elliotts. Not only are we experts, we are able to measure heat levels in your workplace with professional thermal equipment.call me 07 3265 2944 Or send us a message contact us page.



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