Alligator boots are one of your prized possessions. Considering how much you spend to get them, they are worth cherishing and keeping for a lifetime!

But want to wear it in the rain and ruin it?

not really! Alligator Her boots can be worn in the rain for a period of time without damaging them. This is because Crocodile’s leather is naturally water-repellent. That is, although it initially tries to repel water, it is not waterproof. So, with constant exposure to rain, it will definitely absorb water and eventually get wet and damaged.

Learn more about alligator boots. What would happen if you wear them in the rain every day…..

What are alligator boots?

Many people mistake alligator skin boots for alligator boots. But they are not the same. Alligator boots are much more expensive than crocodile his skin his boots for the very simple reason that, despite the abundance of crocodiles, alligators are farmed mainly in America.

Harvested in smaller sizes to give smooth skin without spots or unevenness.

The skin is cut off mainly from the back, leaving the horns and belly. Alligator skin has fewer scales than crocodile skin, making it rarer and more expensive.

Why Are Alligator Boots So Expensive?

It turns out that alligator boots are not the same as crocodile boots. American alligators need favorable conditions to thrive, so they are raised on small farms at great expense.

They need to reach a certain size to be able to extract their skin, which takes years of patience. This makes crocodile skin very expensive in the market.

Also, alligator skin is much smoother and shinier than regular crocodile skin, with less unevenness.

Are Crocodile and Alligator boots waterproof?

it’s straight No!

No, Crocodile and Alligator boots are not waterproof at all, although they can repel some water. However, excessive moisture will be absorbed by the boots, causing them to dry out severely, cracking and spotting.

However, a special tanning is applied specifically to alligator boots to make the leather surface water resistant.

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Can I wear crocodile shoes on rainy days?

See, alligator shoes and boots aren’t waterproof, so getting wet in the rain is definitely not a good idea.

If the crocodile boots get wet, they will become very hard and crack after drying with spots. This is an irreversible process that wastes expensive boots.

Still, if you accidentally get caught in a downpour, there are some quick fixes you can do after your alligator boots are soaked in the rain.

Learn about them in the section below.

How to care for alligator boots? What to do if alligator boots get wet in the rain?

Here are some general tips to keep your gorgeous alligator boots from getting wet and damaged.

• If the alligator’s boots are calf-length boots, hang them rather than store them on a shelf.

• Store in a cool, dry place with good ventilation.

• If your alligator boots get wet, dab them with a clean, dry cloth to dry them, and then fan dry them.

• Do not dry in direct sunlight, fans or dryers.It makes the crocodile’s skin hard and dull

How to clean alligator boots?

Alligator boots are not your average leather boot and require extra care.

      • Wipe the alligator boots with a dry cloth to remove excess dirt.
      • If there are spots, use a wet cloth to remove them
      • dry under a fan
      • After treating with a damp cloth, apply Crocodile Leather Conditioner to soften the leather.
      • Do not use common leather conditioners.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which do you prefer, alligator or crocodile boots?

Alligator skin is softer, finer and more pleasant to the touch than crocodile skin. It is more luxurious than crocodile skin. Alligator leather is also more durable and lasts longer than any other leather.

How durable is alligator leather?

Given the cost and rarity of the product, you need to be confident that it will be yours for life and its durability is beyond doubt. Alligator boots can last a lifetime or over 50 years.

Are alligator boots legal?

Alligator boots are legal because they are made from three species of alligator that are easy to keep and grow, not endangered alligators.

And it’s a wrap!

I hope this helps you in some way with alligator boots and how to care for them.

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