Choosing Reliable Impact Resistant Safety Gloves

As mentioned above Cut resistant hand protection When it comes to the safety of you and your workers, the shortcuts are not worth taking. Hand and wrist injuries are the most common work-related injuries in the industry, so it’s imperative to ensure safety first and foremost.

Safety Choices That Affect

Protecting your hands often means more than just protecting your palms from risks such as cuts and scrapes, as I mentioned in a previous blog. Back-of-the-hand impact injuries are particularly common in some industries such as oil, gas and mining, but the risk still exists in many common manual handling situations.Tongs, wrenches, winches, wire There is always a risk of injury when working with dangerous tools such as ropes and building materials such as bricks, wood, machinery and certain equipment. Mec-Flex Performance Gloves Incorporates K-Guard® Exoskeleton to protect the upper hand. This “armor” provides protection for the metacarpals, knuckles, and fingers. That’s because the exoskeleton’s soft, shock-absorbing Thermoplastic Rubber (TPR) component provides padding and is designed to reduce the force of impact on your hands.

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How do I know if a product meets AS and NZ standards?

Standard marking for safety glovesAt Elliotts, we pride ourselves on ensuring our products are certified to AS/NZ standards by SAI Global whenever possible. Without this certification, buyers are seizing uncharted opportunities. When it comes to impact resistance, we don’t compromise on being “good enough”, so we offer our buyers impact resistant products. Either it is tolerant or it is not.

In 2016, impact protection verification was added to the EN388 standard. If the requirements are met, the glove is marked P (passed) after rigorous testing. This is shown in the image of his EN388 shield to the right. If the product does not pass the test, there will be no marking or an X will be displayed. If you are in the market for impact resistant gloves, just find an Elliott product with this marking and you and your workers are fully protected from impact injuries.

Impact test according to EN 13594:2015

EN 13594:2015 is the standard used to test gloves designed to provide impact protection. This standard is also used to test motorcycle gloves, which must not crack when a 2.5 kg load with an impact energy of 5 joules is dropped on the material under test – also with a peak transmitted < 7kN. I have to. The result is pass or fail. If the glove passes, a 'P' is added to the other levels below the hammer pictogram.

The Elliotts Mec-Flex gloves listed below have been independently tested to pass these requirements.

where does it protect?

K-Guard® Exoskeleton protection is shown in the orange shaded area in the image below.

K-Guard Safety Glove Protection - Impact Zone

Elliott products with impact resistance:

For more information on our complete impact resistant safety work glove product, visit Mec-Flex Glove Product Page.


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