Arc Flash PPE Maintenance Do’s and Don’ts

if you have ever purchased Arc Flash Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)you know it’s not exactly a cheap purchase. The fact that it is capable of protecting workers when exposed to a certain arc flash is a justifiable and necessary expense.

Because of this large cost, it is common for companies to share PPE. Because most companies cannot justify purchasing personal gear for each worker, especially if they only work with high voltage equipment occasionally.

In this COVID-19 world, focusing on cleanliness and hygiene is paramount for both businesses and employees. But how do companies keep shared arc flash PPE clean and safe for their employees?

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according to Safe Work Australia Recommendations, Regular washing on the hottest setting possible with regular mild detergent is one of the best ways to prevent the spread of COVID-19, but you can also ask the manufacturer for advice. Product care information for all Elliotts arc flash PPE products can be found on the information label sewn into the garment.

Prohibited matter

While washing is the most effective way to clean arc flash PPE, it is not really the most practical solution for on-the-job hygiene. Companies may consider using disinfectant sprays and wipes to clean arc flash PPE, but this is not recommended for multiple reasons. Disinfecting sprays are not intended for use on soft, porous materials and cannot achieve the intended levels of saturation and cleanliness. Additionally, many of the chemicals used to make these sprays contain potentially flammable liquids that, even when dry, can leave behind a residue that can ultimately result in burns to the wearer. adversely affect the clothing’s ability to protect against

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ArcSafe X50 Arc Flash Lift Front Switching HoodThe material covering the hood should be maintained as above, but the actual face shield is very easy to clean and disinfect. Simply disassemble the hood, rinse off dirt and grit with room temperature water, and gently wipe both sides of the shield with a soft, clean cloth.

Elliott difference

For over 50 years, Elliotts has been innovating and designing new products to meet customer needs. Our new HIS X50 Arc Flash series is ‘What’s next’ Arc flash protection. Scope includes:of New state-of-the-art lift front hood The traditional arc flash hood includes a new gray-colored high-clarity face shield that allows for full color recognition. Range isn’t just limited to hoods. X50 range A jacket and trousers or coat and leggings combination is also included and available with or without reflective trims.


If you would like to learn more about our safety products or need expert advice on safety gear that suits your needs, feel free to contact Elliott Australia. We are happy to help!call me 07 3265 2944 Or send us a message – here.

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