The Importance of Wearing Appropriate PPE When Handling Cryogenic Materials

Last month, a McKay worker suffered severe cryogenic burns after dipping his hand in a container of liquid nitrogen.

There are various cryogenic materials, but the most common is liquid nitrogen. Liquid nitrogen has a boiling point of -195.8°C and can expand to a very large volume of gas. Its vapors can rapidly freeze skin tissue, resulting in cold burns, frostbite, and permanent damage to the affected area, even after brief exposure.

Common misconceptions about proper PPE use

There is a common misconception about the need for proper PPE. Inspectors at WHS Qld found the worker was not wearing her PPE suitable for the job. “Workers should wear loose-fitting insulating gloves, an apron ( Elliotts CryoSkin Gloves and Aprons), long-sleeved shirts, and cuffless trousers when working with cryogenic substances”. .

For more information on the incident, click here.


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