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Over the past 50 years, Elliott has produced many different products, but only a select few have stood the test of time.

Proban Welding Jacket

Elliotts longest running product is the Proban FR cotton welding jacket series, introduced to the Australian market in the late 1970s. Proban finally offers its customers an alternative to traditional leather. We’ve designed different types of leather garments to help reduce weight and improve comfort, but we knew welders wanted something cooler, lighter, yet protective.

PVC raincoat

Another long standing product is the Elliotts PVC raincoat. In the 1920s he invented PVC clothing (polyvinyl chloride โ€“ commonly known as vinyl or plastic) and has been a popular product in fashion and rainwear ever since. Elliotts added his PVC rainwear to its growing product list in the 1970s, and today Elliotts continues to sell a line of PVC wet weather his coats and trousers.

Zetel ArcSafe Rainwear

But for a company to be successful, it must move with the times and take advantage of technological advantages. In the early 2000s he developed the Zetel Arcsafe rainwear range, following our motto that ‘innovation is at the forefront and at the heart of what we do’.

This range was developed after discovering that workers in the electrical industry are often exposed to hazardous or potentially hazardous work conditions while working in the rain.Our Zetel The Arcsafe Wet Weather series offers enhanced hazard-specific protection while maintaining high visibility, waterproof, windproof and flame retardant properties. As a result of innovation, Elliott now offers Australia’s leading solution for protecting workers from electric arc flashes in wet weather.

We never stop innovating!

We continue to innovate and challenge the status quo. We listen to our customers, identify problems, and create solutions. We are always looking for the most innovative products and processes for all possibilities. What’s next for us all the time?

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At Elliotts, it’s all up to you – we’ll take care of you while you’re at work and get you home safely.

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