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Arc flash hazards are an increasingly discussed topic in today’s safety-conscious environment. This is because arc flash burns are the number one injury caused by electrical malfunction. Therefore, we have answered some related questions from our readers.

What is arc flash?

An arc flash is a current that flows through air when the insulation or insulation between charged conductors is no longer sufficient to withstand the applied voltage. The extremely high temperatures of these arcs, about four times the temperature of the surface of the Sun, can set clothing on fire and severely burn human skin in some sections well away from the event. A single blast can rupture an eardrum.

How is arc flash measured?

To identify specific arc flash hazards on specific equipment in a facility, an arc flash study should be conducted. The results of the arc flash survey classify the hazards of specific equipment based on incident energy and identify arc flash protection boundaries. This is the closest approach allowed before wearing PPE is required. Within the arc flash protection perimeter, the worker must wear her PPE.

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What PPE should I wear?

in Elliott, french clothing It should be standard for all employees working on or near energized electrical systems. This ensures that worker clothing provides protection from arc flash exposure rather than creating additional hazards. Clothing should provide maximum protection while keeping workers comfortable.

Arc flash, arc-rated FR clothing, and other PPE should provide a last line of defense in the event of an accident and ensure workers are protected from harm that can result in serious injury or death .

Why should I choose Elliott’s products?

Elliotts manufactures and customizes a wide range of industry specific arc flash arc rated protective clothing for the Australian market. Many brands of Arc Flash or Switching garments produced in the USA or Europe are imported into Australia. Elliotts Arc Flash protective clothing is manufactured in Australia for Australian conditions.

Elliotts Arc Flash or Switching garments are manufactured from Tencate Tecasafe Plus and are available in coats, leggings, jackets, trousers and hoods. Our stock range of ArcSafe Tecasafe plus garments are made from a highly visible orange material. Each garment meets the requirements of NFPA 70E and the coat, jacket and trousers are certified AS/NZS 4602:1999 High Visibility Safety Garments by SAI Global. Elliotts ArcSafe HRC4 hoods are tested to ASTM F2178 and garments are tested to ASTM F2621-06.

Elliotts high quality Personal Protective Clothing (PPC) and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) are proven on a daily basis. These trusted and popular products are part of a comprehensive portfolio that has evolved over time on the common foundation of quality and care for which the company has built its reputation.

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