Start the new year by reviewing workplace safety procedures

As the new year begins, it’s a good time to stop and review last year’s workplace health and safety procedures to make sure you’re ready for next year’s job.

We’ve put together a few quick tips to ensure your workplace is compliant with OHS standards.

1. Identify and eliminate hazards over time.

Use the time everyone is on vacation to audit your workplace for hazards. Make sure all signage is up to date, first aid kits are stocked and the workplace is organized.

2. Take your training seriously.

Provide staff with proper training in their role, the equipment they must use, and workplace safety procedures. We schedule training sessions throughout the year and make worker safety a top priority.

3. Recognize and reward safe behavior.

Encourage staff to report workplace hazards and celebrate safe work practices. By demonstrating that you care about their health and safety, they will take workplace safety seriously.

4. Check your equipment and PPE.

Ensure staff wear appropriate PPE and equipment has appropriate safety features. Introduce mandatory her PPE requirements.

5. Keep learning.

Subscribe to relevant safety newsletters, stay up to date with regulations and legal requirements, and make learning safe work practices a priority throughout the year.

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