Arc Flash Protection Requirements and Technical Terminology

The dangers of working in an environment where there is a risk of an electrical arc flash were highlighted in February 2015 when two men were tragically killed in an arc flash explosion at the Galleria shopping center in Perth. I was.Since then, many commercial and industrial electrical companies have used arc flash and the required PPE measures available to protect workers.

Managers, owners, and safety personnel are well aware of the requirements and technical terminology around arc flash protection, but everyone working in these industries and selling PPE should be aware of the requirements and the risks. It is equally important to understand the steps that can be taken to mitigate

Here are five frequently asked questions:

1. What is an arc flash?

arc flash explosion, from power sources (such as switchboards) that can cause severe burns or death. Arc flashes release pressure and shrapnel and can reach temperatures of 20,000ยฐC.

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2. What is the Cal Rating?

The calorie (cal) rating is the protection factor necessary to protect a person from third degree personal burns.

3. What is Cal cm2?

Cal Cm2 is the measurement given to Arc rated clothing to indicate its protection factor. Each square centimeter of garment provides a stated rating.EG 9 Cal fabric provides 9 calories of protection per square centimeter of fabric.

Simply put, 1 cal/cm2 = 1 match held under your finger for 1 second, similarly 8 cal/cm2 = 8 matches held under your finger for 1 second.

4. Does a higher cal rating mean better protection?

yes. The higher the Cal rating, the higher the protection from clothing.Overprotection is much better than overprotection in an arc flash event.

5. What is the best PPE to wear?

PPE levels are measured in a minimum amount of calories/cm2. There are four risk levels, and the chart below shows her four PPE levels along with their corresponding clothing and minimum arc ratings.

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