Considerations When Choosing The Perfect Welding Gloves

Reliable and comfortable welding gloves are essential when performing welding tasks. Elliotts makes a range of welding gloves customized to meet the requirements of any job. There are many factors to consider when choosing the best welding gloves. To make your life easier, you can find the top four determining factors below.

1. Flexibility

We understand that due to the precise nature of many welding jobs, complete flexibility is essential in welding gloves. Whether you’re handling large objects and need a firm grip or lifting small items that shouldn’t be damaged, Elliotts Welding Gloves give you full dexterity when you need it without sacrificing comfort. It’s made to be. Stick and his MIG welding gloves are typically fully lined and focus more on comfort and safety than dexterity. Because these jobs typically don’t require a high level of flexibility. If you need advanced dexterity and feel, TIG gloves No lining. With an unlined palm, TIG gloves allow for maximum dexterity and tactile sensitivity.

2. Comfort

Welding gloves are an ongoing investment for any welder, so it is imperative that the gloves you choose not only perform well, but feel as comfortable as possible.By using only the highest quality leather and linings. , which guarantees that this will be possible. All of our gloves are lined with 100% woven cotton cuffs for maximum comfort and breathability. The 100% cotton jersey lining on the palm/hand of many of our welding gloves provides gentle protection for your hands.

Another factor that greatly affects glove comfort is glove size. At Elliott’s, we know that no two hands are exactly alike. If you choose a “one size fits all” glove option, you risk compromising performance, flexibility and comfort. We’ve created a range of sizes and fits based on your specific measurements to ensure maximum comfort and performance. Stick and MIG gloves are typically more generously sized, allowing the glove to be removed quickly if needed, while the TIG glove has a tighter fit and provides a higher level of dexterity and feel. Most of our gloves are available in sizes Small up to his using us online guideyou can safely identify and order the right size for you.

3. Durability

Kevlar Blue Extended Welding GlovesGloves are a significant investment, so we understand that longevity is essential. We use durable, supple leather to craft our gloves to withstand the elements and the test of time. Elliotts gloves feature welt seams to further enhance the glove’s resilience. A welt is a thin layer of leather sewn between two layers of material and is commonly used to protect sensitive seams. This additional layer protects the seams and extends the life of the glove.

Elliot’s Kevlar Blue Gloves It also features layers of material to reinforce high-wear and high-heat areas such as palms, thumb crutches, knuckles, and fingertips. This ensures that the gloves will not wear out over time or activity.

For added durability, you can opt for Kevlar® (para-aramid) thread, which is heat resistant and much stronger than cotton, instead of standard cotton sewing thread. All Elliotts welding gloves are sewn with Kevlar® thread, giving our gloves unmatched durability.

4. Heat resistance and protection

The most important features of welding gloves are their heat resistance and protection. The high-quality materials we use, along with welt seams and linings, provide 100% protection for your hands from the extreme elements of everyday use. Our MIG and stick gloves are fully lined to provide 360 ​​degree heat resistance and are typically 406 mm or 16 inches long, providing full protection for your forearms from splashes and dross. increase. Elliott also XT or extended versions of Big Red, Kevlar Blue, and Leftie

If you want full arm protection up to your shoulders. TIG welding gloves are typically shorter at 12 inches or 279 mm and have less lining. This is because the TIG welding process does not produce as much spatter and dross as Stick and his MIG. Elliotts also offers his TigMate series in 14-inch or 380mm lengths. For even more protection, glove saver Can be slipped over welding gloves to provide additional thermal protection. The rear of the glove saver is made from an aluminized material that provides excellent radiant heat protection. For added strength, the palm is made of leather to protect your hands from heat, cuts, abrasion and splashes.

reinforced glove saver


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