There’s no better way to start the new year with the Women-Fight-Back series. Our Women-Fight-Back series emphasizes that every woman has the power to fight back and save herself. She is not a helpless creature subject to the whims of her surroundings.

Women are fighting oppression, crime and cruelty every day around the world. However, these articles are rarely talked about.

Instead, the media and the mainstream continue to promote the “powerless” theory of women by continuing to report negatively.

This next story is about a 79-year-old woman in Evansville, Ohio who fights off an intruder with a knife.

The 79-year-old woman who knifed off a robber on Tuesday tells FOX 7 her heroic story. Doris Ransone has always been ready to take care of herself, but she says she had no idea what happened last Tuesday.

At 1:30 pm on Tuesday, 79-year-old Doris Ransone lay down for a nap, and later that night some guests arrived. At that moment, she heard a loud crash.

“I wasn’t even at the bedroom door and he came into the hallway. I don’t know who was the most surprised, me or him. I think he was really surprised to see me.”

and told me to go back to my room. “I said I just wanted to know who you were and what you were doing here. That was the first time he sprayed me.”

It was mace that he sprayed, but luckily for Doris she was wearing glasses so she was barely visible from her eyes. , he pushed her again.

“He put his hands on my shoulders and pushed me down so hard that I hit the back of my head against the bedside table.”

Over the years, Doris has made it a habit to always have a knife or something nearby to protect herself. As Doris was about to get off the floor, he noticed the handle of a knife he had hidden under his bed years ago.

“I kind of rolled my eyes and saw a knife handle stuck in there. From that point until it was all over, it wasn’t really me.”

Doris grabbed the knife and jumped up.

“I hit him with a knife. He ran. He was as white as a sheet. He said, ‘Stop.'”

But Doris kept following him until he was out the door.

“I was pushing the door. I had a knife in my right hand and he was leaning against me. His hand was inside. I held the knife so I could hit his hand.” I tried to take it to the other side.”

The robbers finally retreated and Doris was safe. She now gives this advice to anyone watching.

“Women, make sure you are protected. Have something that can protect you. Don’t be afraid to fight back and trust the Lord to take care of you.” ”

Doris has a security alarm, but before that, it never went off during the day. Now the police have told her to keep it on at all times. She had a good look at the man and said he was well dressed and in good shape. She warns everyone to be careful who they answer the door for, no matter what they look like.

Full article published There is a video interview here.

What do you think? Leave us your thoughts…

date: January 19, 2011
name: Marius from Romania
comment: Pretty good story. It’s so nice to see some women fighting back. Many believe that women are definitely prey, but this has to change.

date: January 10, 2011
name: Kadri Estonia
comment: very good reading!

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