Domestic violence is a traumatic experience for those who experience it. According to the World Health Organization, About 1 in 3 women (30%) worldwide are subject to domestic violence, whether physical, sexual, or both.

Domestic violence does not discriminate as to nationality, but this is a major problem in the country of Papua New Guinea (PNG). The stats are quite shocking. 67% of women In PNG, subject to domestic abuse. More than 50% of women in PNG have been raped as a result of domestic abuse. Another shocking statistic is that 86% of women have been beaten while pregnant. Worse, more than 90% of women and girls have experienced some form of violence when using public transport.

Currently, these statistics only scratch the surface of the larger problem. In Papua New Guinea women are subjected to all kinds of abuse.Easy to take action, hard to execute took Act without coming up with a realistic solution. As we delve further into this topic, please understand that women in PNG need resources and support to escape this dangerous lifestyle.

why violence?

“We have data all the time when it comes to domestic violence against women in Papua New Guinea,” says Hannah Green, a psychology blogger at Write my X and 1 Day 2 Write. Didn’t get the full story. In fact, many factors are left out when studying such topics. That said, there are several reasons why there is not enough data to show just how serious the domestic violence crisis in Papua New Guinea is. , police etc. The list goes on.

Who is Affected by Violence in Papua New Guinea?

Women and girls are often the primary targets of domestic abuse. Usual stereotypes such as wife, daughter, housewife, and mother are often the labels these women and girls must wear in her PNG. Additionally, domestic violence is bred in homes where the male family has a lot of power. In such cases, men end up dominating women and girls. In some cases, it can escalate to physical and sexual violence from men. Such violence may include rape, serious injury or death.

But one of the most extreme forms of domestic violence stems from the practice of bride-price. Bride price refers to the practice of men paying a “price” for their brides, after which they feel entitled to do whatever they want to their wives. By treating his wife as “property,” a man is allowed to escape rape, physical violence, and so on. As for the family who received this “payment”, it would be considered returning the payment they received for the arranged marriage, so they would not provide any assistance or even receive the abused woman.

And since the bride-price is part of the “tradition,” not many challenge this age-old way of life. Needless to say, this practice only exacerbates the problem of domestic violence.

dive deeper

As we have seen, domestic violence is a direct result of the large role tradition plays in marriage and women’s lives. Traditions, for the most part, cannot exist without fighting.

PNG’s notorious traditions like the bride-price are harmful to women. Such traditions do not allow women to stand up for themselves or make their own decisions. attributed to women’s roles, status and responsibilities in public and private. Again, the idea that women are seen as “property” by men can be humiliating for wives and girls.

So what can people do to change all this? Are there any workable solutions?

Any solution?

“Domestic violence against women is a persistent problem in Papua New Guinea,” says content writer Candace Gray. Original When brit student“An even bigger problem is the lack of sufficient resources to address this problem. But national and societal interventions can challenge and discourage domestic violence. With more resources available to girls and girls, we can tackle the problem of domestic violence.When it comes to domestic violence, it’s not enough to just put a Band-Aid on a big wound. Finding the cause is a good starting point.”

Therefore, we need a solution to solve this social problem. That being said, Papua New Guinea is committed to developing safe houses and shelters, counseling for women and girls, community programs (schools, churches, etc.), increased criminal investigations, severe consequences for offenders, and outlawing domestic violence. You should consider resources such as .

With more and more solutions in place, domestic violence will no longer be in Papua New Guinea. However, they all start with national and social interventions, as mentioned earlier.


Domestic violence against women is a brutal reality in Papua New Guinea. It can occur anywhere in the country, especially at home. As statistics show, the problem is dire and will only get worse without interventional solutions.

Papua New Guinea still has many hurdles to overcome before it finds the coveted silver lining, but there is still hope for a better tomorrow for its abused people. Things can change in favor of women.

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