If you want to improve your kettlebell skills, look no further than KB Basics TABATA. This intense Tabata-style routine helps you master the basics of kettlebell training and also provides a full-body workout.

The first exercise, the Lateral KB Swing, targets the glutes, legs, and core while also providing cardio. Then move on to leg raises + chest presses that work your core, chest, and triceps.

The following exercises, cleans, squats and presses, are functional movements that work the whole body and improve overall strength. It improves balance, coordination and agility.

The fifth exercise, the Snatch-Windmill, is a challenging kettlebell move that helps improve total body power and core strength. The final exercise, Around the World, is a cardio kettlebell move that works the whole body and improves cardio endurance.

This WOD will push you to the limit, but the feeling of accomplishment after completing it will be worth it. what are you looking for Join the Self Defense Academy and see for yourself what KB Basics TABATA is like. Sign up for a class today and take the first step toward mastering the basics of kettlebell training.



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