Our lives are currently teetering on the brink of many extraordinary historical events, including the pandemic, the economic blows that have accompanied it, ongoing political turmoil, and racial riots. This is compounded by the personal challenges we all face. From trying to make ends meet, to grief for loved ones lost in this pandemic, and more. We collectively experience our own grief and sense of loss and, simply put, being present in this moment can be incredibly difficult.

In an effort to deal with my own emotions, I have repeatedly been directed to seek therapy. The reality is that not everyone has access to treatment. Only 19.2% of Americans have access to mental health care due to economic barriers to mental health care, social stigma, and lack of counselor diversity. We are experiencing an epidemic of grief shared nationally and globally, as well as a crisis of access to mental health. In honor of Wellness Month, here are some ideas on how to practice self-care for those who don’t have access to counseling or are waiting for their next session. We hope that in the midst of these activities, you will find shelter, an oasis to breathe in, and be able to move on to another day.

Please be with others.

In Hooke’s 1999 All About Love novel, she writes: Healing is an act of communion. ” For me, this quote speaks to how being with another person can be therapeutic. Just being present and being with friends and loved ones is deeply healing. In fact, research shows that “social connection is associated with lower blood pressure, less inflammation, and a lower risk of diabetes in all age groups” (American Journal of Lifestyle Medicine, 2017). , it’s time to find ways to connect with others and form a community with friends and loved ones.



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