If you’re looking to get another layer of cyber protection that doesn’t require many resources, you’re most likely going to choose between a VPN service and a DNS security solution.

Description of VPNs

VPN stands for Virtual Private Networks and basically provides encrypted servers by hiding your IP and redirecting your traffic through a server run by a VPN host. establish. It protects your ISP and potential hackers from seeing what you do, but it doesn’t provide complete protection and intrusions can occur.

It’s worth noting that VPNs can access restricted resources in your region, but be aware that they may be collecting personal data. Related to VPN services. Additionally, VPNs can or cannot proxy requests depending on their type.

Most of the free ones don’t even encrypt your data: According to Cybernews, 20 million emails and personal data such as location and legal information were stolen via VPN last year.

DNS security explained

DNS security works only with DNS requests, not traffic. This means that users can control traffic without the service having access to it.main goal of DNS security It’s about not getting anything from malicious resources even if you already clicked something. Simply block all access to harmful resources and stop anything before it reaches your network.

what is the right choice?

It depends on your needs. If you really want to access resources that don’t work in your region, a VPN is the way to go. Make sure you choose one that you can trust. Otherwise, your personal data may be stolen.

However, if you want to gain cyber protection and be sure that your data belongs to you, you should use DNS security. are never sent to a third-party server. In short, the main difference is that a VPN camouflages you into the danger zone. However, DNS Security does not put you at any risk because DNS filtering does not let you in at all.

DNS filtering can be considered the kind of solution that is too easy to secure, but it works well, especially since it’s so easy and simple.

SafeDNS has updated its cybersecurity category and implemented real-time stats to make your browsing even safer at work or at home.

you can always Start your 15-day free trial To get a taste of cybersecurity.

Or you can check us out Unified threat management The solution if you are looking for multi-layer protection.



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