Types of Safety Gloves from Elliotts Quality Safety Gear

Hand and wrist injuries are the most common work-related injuries, so it’s easy to see why choosing the right hand protection is so important. With 50 years of experience, we focus on innovative, high quality hand protection solutions. With 92 gloves in 7 different categories, it’s easy to see why Elliotts is the glove manufacturer of choice.

welding– Elliotts BIG RED and KEVLAR BLUE have set the standard in welding gloves for over 30 years. These gloves were the world’s first welding gloves certified to Australian Standard AS/NZS 2161.4 by SAI Global and remain the gloves of choice for most welders. LEFTIES, enhanced versions and other “firsts” come from Elliott, who have always remained true to the foundations of quality, performance, improved protection and style.

MEC-FLEX® mechanics– Our Mec-Flex® Technical Mechanics Gloves are a series of technically superior mechanics gloves that focus on design, performance, comfort, and the latest manufacturing techniques and materials while ultimately protecting. These gloves are the world’s first mechanic gloves certified to Australian Standard AS/NZS 2161.3 by SAI Global and are suitable for most applications. Mec-Flex Mechanics Safety Gloves

G-Flex Technology Safety Gloves G-FLEX® Technical – The G-Flex Technical Glove Series is comprehensive hand protection based on a seamless knit liner with a variety of coating combinations depending on the application. We offer 4 types of liner yarns and 5 types of coatings. G-Flex was also the first glove in the world to be certified to Australian Standard AS/NZS 2161.3 by SAI Global.

Magnashield® and Heatshield®MagnaShield and HeatShield gloves and mitts are designed for high radiant and contact heat applications. Made from an aluminized material that helps reflect radiant heat, it is combined with a variety of palm materials to create a range for high-contact heat and/or high-wear applications. MagnaShield Safety Gloves

ChemVex chemical gloves CHEMVEX® Chemicals – ChemVex® Series Chemical Gloves are designed to protect your hands when exposed to hazardous substances, severe cuts, lacerations and scrapes, punctures, chemical burns, and more. Again, the ChemVex series is the world’s first glove certified to Australian Standard AS/NZS 2161.10.1 by SAI Global and Australian Standard AS/NZS 2161.3 by SAI Global.

emergency services – Each emergency service – fire, search and rescue, police and military personnel require very specific hand protection. We can design and manufacture gloves to suit your specific emergency service or military requirements. Choose from our stock range of specialist Pro-Tech 8 Construction Gloves, Wildland Firefighting Gloves and Rescue Gloves. Pro-Tech 8 Safety Gloves

CryoSkin Safety Gloves

CRYOSKIN® Extreme Cold Cryoskin® Cryogenic Extreme Cold Gloves provide protection when working with liquid nitrogen and other cryogenic hazards. Designed to handle cryogenic valves, supply cylinders and hoses, compressed gas filling and supply, liquid nitrogen environments, cold rooms, dry ice handling, cryogenic and blast/cryofreezers.

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