Ready to bring out your inner child and have some fun working out? Academy of Self Defense’s TRiX Are for Kids WOD is designed to bring out your sense of fun while pushing your limits. Led by our energetic coach, Mike, this workout will leave you energized and smiling from ear to ear.

TRiX Are for Kids WOD starts with 12 TRX rows and is a great exercise for building upper body strength and building back muscles. Grab the TRX suspension straps, adjust the length, and lean back as you pull your body up toward your hands. Fire up and accept the challenge!

Next, show off your kicking skills with 30 roundhouse kicks. A powerful and precise leg swing that targets the legs, hips and core. Feel like a martial arts pro and kick with all your might.

The fun continues with 12 TRX knee tucks. This is an exercise that targets your abs and core. While maintaining a strong plank position, bring your knees closer to your chest to engage your muscles. Challenge your stability and control with each tack.

Go ahead and unleash your inner boxer with 30 power punches. Imagine yourself in the ring throwing powerful punches with speed and precision. Feel the energy flow through your arms with each strike.

Keep your energy high as you transition into the 12 TRX jump squat. Burst into the air from a crouching position, land softly, and quickly transition to the next jump. This exercise will get your heart rate up while building strength in your lower body.

The TRiX Are for Kids WOD consists of 30 body hooks that work your arms, shoulders and core. Imagine twisting your torso and punching your target sideways, feeling your upper body muscles working with each hook.

Next, shift your focus to the back of your shoulders and do 12 TRX reverse flyes. Lean on your back and reach your arms forward, squeezing your shoulder blades together as you lift your body up. This exercise strengthens your upper back and improves your posture.

Are you playful? Get ready to do 30 elbow and knee strikes. Visualize dynamic martial arts sequences as you deliver precise strikes with your elbows and knees. Strengthen your core and feel the power behind each move.

Finally, we round out the TRiX Are for Kids WOD with 12 TRX Tricep Extensions. Bend forward, grab the straps, and extend your arms straight back, focusing on your triceps. Feel the heat in the back of your arms as you complete each rep.

Join coach Mike and the Academy of Self-Defense community at TRiX Are for Kids WOD. A chance to unwind, have fun and challenge yourself in a playful and supportive environment. Change your exercises as needed and enjoy the joy of movement as you work toward your fitness goals.



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