Featuring Elliotts New WeldMark® GPCR Welding Gloves

If you’re looking for welding gloves with TIG-like dexterity and MIG-like protection, look no further than Elliott’s new WeldMark® GPCR welding gloves. WeldMark® is made with a premium, soft and durable goatskin palm for enhanced sensitivity and touch. Premium grade leather offers a great balance of protection and durability without compromising dexterity, comfort or protection.

of WeldMark® GPCRs is a high quality professional welding glove with TIG-like dexterity and MIG-like protection combined with a cut-resistant liner.

This glove is designed with Dynamax Cut 5/TDM F material to provide full 360° cut protection with the highest dual standard cut resistance performance. A keystone thumb design provides a high level of comfort and dexterity. Additionally, like all Elliotts welding gloves, the WeldMark® GPCR is stitched with heat-resistant para-aramid thread for added durability.

WeldMark® GPCR Welding Gloves are certified by SAI Global to AS/NZS 2161.3:2005 Occupational Protective Gloves – Protection Against Mechanical Risks (EN 388) and AS/NZS 2161.4:1999 Occupational Protective Gloves – Thermal Risks (Heat and Fire). ) is certified for protection against EN407.


Elliotts offers a wide range of certified welding gloves and other welding related PPE. Please contact your local sales manager or customer service team. 07 3265 2944 Click here for details. You can also send messages – here.

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