Join the rebellion and unleash your inner rebel with Serracoach’s GRIT class!

Hello fitness rebels! Ready to break free and unleash your inner rebel?Coach Serra’s GRIT class will help you defy the routine and revolutionize his workout routine.

Today’s workout, worthy of the name REBELS, will challenge your limits, ignite your energy, and leave you feeling empowered and accomplished. Get ready for an AMRAP (As Many Rounds As Possible) adventure that will take you to new heights.

While seated, pull and push the sled twice to work your legs, core, and upper body to overcome resistance and build strength. Next, he throws 20 sit-ups with a medicine ball over the box to build rebellion and test core stability and explosive power.

Then it’s time for 10 side jump burpees. A total body workout that combines agility, strength and cardiovascular endurance. Maintain momentum with 20 wall balls, targeting your legs, glutes and shoulders while improving your coordination.

Unleash the power of Rebel with 10 sledgehammer attacks per side to train your core, shoulders and grip strength. Transitioning to 20 ground and pound, he trains his entire body while unleashing his inner MMA fighter.

Challenge yourself with 10 high-five push-ups combining upper-body strength and coordination with a unique twist. Strengthen your posterior strands with 20 Romanian Deadlifts (RDLs) that target your hamstrings and glutes.

Release rebellious energy with 10 bag slams for a full-body, explosive movement that will make you feel ferocious. Finally, a barrage of 100 kicks and punches awakens your inner martial artist and boosts your cardiovascular endurance.

Join us today at 12pm at the Academy of Self-Defense in Santa Clara, CA for Coach Serra to lead this rebellious GRIT class. It’s a great time to rebel, challenge your limits, and thrive in a supportive community of like-minded rebels.

Don’t miss your chance to revolutionize your workout routine, escape the routine and unleash your inner rebellion. Be prepared to rebel against the ordinary and embrace the extraordinary!



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