Featuring Elliotts Firefighter Pro-Tech 8 Titan AU Gloves

The rugged Pro-Tech 8 Titan AU Glove can satisfy firefighters’ desire for dexterity, flexibility, grip, comfort and fit. Whether it’s a truck or an engine, the Pro-Tech 8 Titan AU efficiently handles all fire scene tasks you face, not just basic car rescue.

high performance fabric

TITAN AU’s advanced multi-layer design uses a smooth, flexible knitted fabric made primarily of high-performance fibers for enhanced thermal protection and cut/puncture resistance. The inner lining is 100% knitted Nomex® and the Titan AU is also lined with 100% Kevlar®, providing much better cut resistance than leather alone.

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Proprietary multi-layer knuckle guard system

The most vulnerable area of ​​a firefighter’s hand is the knuckle area. TITAN AU’s proprietary multi-layer knuckle guard system provides unmatched thermal protection and cut/puncture resistance in the knuckle area. This is accomplished with two layers of waterproof silicon carbide fused to his two layers of 100% Kevlar.

Gathered stitches are used throughout the wrist for a secure fit and to prevent dust from entering. TITAN AU “Wristlet” extends the entire glove with an elastic band wrapped in 100% Kevlar inside the cuff for a very secure fit and protection from fire debris Realize

Pro-Tech 8 Titan AU Structural Fire Gloves

certified hand protection

Pro-Tech 8 Titan AU Structural Firefighting Gloves are independently certified to AS/NZS 2161.6:2014 Occupational Protective Gloves – Part 6: Structural Firefighting Protective Gloves – Laboratory Test Methods and Performance Requirements .


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