The time has come, your daughter is finally going to college.How do you prepare her to protect herself in her new surroundings? private college safety for her The class is perfect.

of private college safety for her The class combines the best of both awareness and protection strategies combined with the RAD’s basic effective self-defense techniques for effective personal protection strategies.

This class is designed for one-on-one private training. Training consists of 2-45 minute private man-on-classes covering:

  • push/pull defense
  • wrist / hair glove
  • full body grab
  • easy and effective attack
  • vulnerable body point

And a copy of the College-Safety-for-Her video covering:

  • understanding crime
  • criminal mindset
  • crime triangle
  • 5 steps for effective self-defense
  • self-defense procedures
  • 10 words that can kill you

interval: 1.5 hours of hands-on training

Individual price:

Individual – $150

Up to 4 participants – $600

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Laugh out loud at not-so-funny topics

“College Safety for Her” At Hopewell Valley Central High, the high evaluation by the Japan Self-Defense Force was well received. It’s safe to say we were all horrified by the alarming statistics of violent crimes against women. As a parent and a victim myself, I can’t help but hope that this class will make a difference. She has done a great job of keeping her audience engaged while presenting some really difficult lessons. I learned a lot. I especially appreciated the advice on the Violent Crime Stages, especially Stage 2 – Interviews. If a man asks a woman for help, it is natural for us to be kind and offer help.Turning it around and realizing that there are other men he can turn to for help and perhaps it could just be a ruse is a necessary first step towards prevention. Highly recommend the program Specifically target group: women aged 16-24. “

-Toni Lewis, Parent Participant

Hopewell Valley Central High School – New Jersey

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