Choosing the Right Welding Gear to Protect Your Feet

Looking for extra leg protection for your next welding job? At Elliotts, we understand that some jobs require extra protection for you and your employees. We offer a wide range of gears for all types of welding.

welding pants

As for trousers, there are several different options. In our Big Red series, you can choose between full-seat or seatless trousers, or choose chaps, a more breathable option. Elliotts BIGRED® Welder Apparel is a soft, premium, hand-picked red butt his BIGRED apparel that is extremely durable, flame-retardant, and provides excellent protection from welding splatter and dross. ® leather.

When deciding, the choice ultimately comes down to comfort and preference. Options are:

Big Red® Welders Full Sheet Trousers

of Big Red® Full Sheet Welding Trousers Designed for heavy-duty welding and comfortable to wear over work pants. The full-seat design offers maximum protection, while the articulated knee design allows greater range of motion and comfort. Full seat trousers with fly, belt loops and adjustable side straps are available in three different sizes.

Elliotts BIG RED® Welders Trousers are an independent third party CE certified ISO 11611 protective clothing for use in welding and related processes.

Protect yourself from welding hazards. Check out our quality welding apparel.

Big Red® Welders Sheetless Trousers

Big Red Sheetless Welding Trousersof Big Red® Sheetless Welding TrousersLike the full seat version, the is designed for heavy-duty welding and can be worn comfortably over work pants. The seatless design allows for comfort and greater range of motion. Featuring a placket, belt loops and adjustable side straps, these seatless trousers are available in three sizes.

Elliotts BIG RED® Welders Trousers are an independent third party CE certified ISO 11611 protective clothing for use in welding and related processes.

Wakatac® Proban® Trousers

Wakatak Provan Welding TrousersMade from Wakatak Proban, Wakatac® Proban® Welded Trousers Designed to be worn over trousers and has a drawstring closure. This lightweight material provides comfort and breathability to the wearer.

All WAKATAC® FR Cotton Welding apparel is made from safe-to-wear Proban® 100% cotton. WAKATAC® PROBAN® fabrics meet the requirements of OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 ‘Confidence in Textiles’.

welding chap

Big Red Leather Welding Chaps & Bib ApronBig Red Welded Chaps with Bib and Apron

of Big red leather chaps with bib apronmade from carefully selected premium red butt leather, with 25mm webbing straps around the neck, waist and legs, providing excellent protection from welding hazards while allowing good range of motion and airflow. increase.

Elliotts has been designing, fabricating and manufacturing welded gears for over 55 years. As we improve our own products, we are always on the lookout for new and better technologies.


Elliotts offers a wide range of certified welding PPE. Please contact your local sales manager or customer service team. 07 3265 2944 Click here for details. You can also send messages – here.

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