Allen’s history

Allens Industrial Products Pty Ltd is Australia’s leading specialist supplier of industrial safety equipment. We also offer industrial workwear, cleaning products and asbestos removal products.

They first went into business in 1972, beginning as Allen Agencies, a very humble safety supply business founded and run by the late Ray Allen.

In 1978, Philip Allen and his brother Craig joined his father’s business and renamed the company Allen Preventive Products Pty Ltd. After 20 years of success, the company was sold in 1998 and the brothers entered a new phase of their lives.

In 2000, Philip Allen, his wife Jenny and eldest son Trent founded Allens Industrial Products Pty Ltd. In 2007, Philip and Jenny decided to retire, and now the company is wholly owned by his three sons, Trent, Travis, Tyson and his Allen (the third generation of the Allen brothers).

Allens Elliott relationship

Allens has been a distributor of Elliotts products for many years. Since Phillip ran his Allen protective products and Trent was a little kid.

Phillip Allen attributes the success of our long-standing business relationship to our shared values. Both of these companies are family owned businesses, ensuring that the best people work together and take care of their customers. Say.

Trent, Philip Allen, Liz and Anthony Elliott

Trent believes that the personal touch that a family-owned business offers its customers makes them successful. The feeling that the owner values ​​and remembers every customer is what keeps customers coming back. I will always remember him as a really big, spacious guy who made time for everyone.”

Phillip Allen describes the Elliotts as “the default people in any weld, they know their stuff”. Allen appreciates and applauds the PPE manufacturers for expanding their activities into other areas over the years with great success.

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At Elliotts, it’s all up to you – we’ll take care of you while you’re at work and get you home safely.

Discover our wide range of high quality safety products.

hand protection

protective clothing

Welding safety equipment and accessories

Arc Flash clothing and equipment

Protective eyewear

General safety equipment and accessories


If you would like to learn more about our safety products, or need expert advice on safety gear that fits your needs, feel free to contact Elliott Australia. We are happy to help!call me 07 3265 2944 Or send us a message – here.

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