Have you ever wished you had nine lives like a cat? Well, prepare to put your feline prowess to work in the challenging and exhilarating Nine Lives WOD at Self Defense Academy in Santa Clara. Let. Led by our energetic and motivated coach Mike, this GRIT class is designed to help you push your limits and feel accomplished.

Nine Lives WOD will put your mettle to the test with the perfect balance of strength, agility and endurance exercises. Each move represents a life, a chance to prove your resilience and rise to the top.

Start with the ab roller to work your core and tone your abs. Nine repetitions test your stability and build a solid foundation. Next is the single arm swing. Grab a kettlebell and he unleashes power one swing at a time.

Get ready to defy gravity with the deck squat, a full-body exercise that requires coordination and strength. Jump off the floor and you’ll feel like you’re defying gravity like an agile cat. Then conquer box jumps and dive into platforms with precision and confidence without fear.

But wait, it’s not over yet! Awaken your inner martial artist and get ready to unleash a flurry of roundhouse kicks as you unleash 50 powerful kicks. Feel the energy rise and let your kicks fly!

We continue our knuckle pushup journey to build upper body strength and resilience. The TRX Pike builds stability in your core and shoulders while elevating your hips and building muscle. And of course, don’t forget the guard punch. This is your chance to unleash your inner fighter and let your punches fly.

Once you’ve reached new heights, it’s time for the pull-ups, a true test of upper body strength and determination. As you pull yourself up, you’ll feel your muscles working in unison to overcome the challenge. And finally, release any remaining energy and finish with 100 punches with all your might.

Throughout the class, your coach, Mike, will guide and motivate you to do your best to overcome the WOD. You will be surrounded by a supportive community of fellow cat lovers who strive and have fun working towards their fitness goals.

Join us today at 7pm for Nine Lives WOD with Mike Coach. Embrace your inner cat, unleash your potential and conquer the challenges that await you. The Self-Defense Forces Academy Is Calling – Let’s Make It A Night To Remember!



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