Commitment to manufacturing high-quality safety devices

It is a common misconception that all personal safety items are subject to and meet all mandatory standards in force in Australia. However, the reality is that many standards are not mandatory, so some manufacturers choose not to apply certification to their manufacturing processes. This is certainly not Elliott’s way.

ISO 9001 and SAI Global Accreditation

To demonstrate our commitment to manufacturing quality safety equipment, many of our products are certified by SAI Global. SAI Global has been a world leader in the product authentication business for decades. Elliotts’ long relationship with SAI Global began in 1992 when the company became an ISO 9001 Quality Management System certified company.

ISO 9001, the world’s most recognized business management standard, ensures that our products and services consistently meet customer requirements and the quality of all products is consistently improved and recognized Provides guidance and tools for

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SAI Global Five-Tick Product Certification Standard

Many of our products bear the well-known SAI Global Five-Tick Product Certification Criteria mark. This demonstrates that we meet the stringent requirements of the ISO 9001 Quality Management System (ISO 9001 QMS) and is committed to meeting and maintaining global standards of quality, continuous improvement and customer satisfaction. I’m in. The Five Ticks Product Certifications StandardsMark is a mark of compliance recognized and respected by all industry stakeholders, providing a competitive edge over other companies.

SAI Global Certified Hand Protection Products

Our long-term commitment to manufacturing quality safety equipment and our relationship with SAI Global extends beyond our ISO 9001 QMS. Most of the industries we serve are heavily regulated by policies and mandatory certifications such as protective eyewear, head protection and hearing, so we stay one step ahead with our commitment to demanding and constantly innovating I decided to. Certified hand protection products.

welding gloves

Elliott is the first company to receive our certification. kevlar blue When big red Welding gloves to AS/NZS 2161.4. This standard was published in January 2011 and to date no other company has been accredited to this standard. Many have tried to imitate our gloves, but none have been able to meet the quality and level of protection that the original, his KEVLAR BLUE and BIG RED, continue to offer.

Technical Handling Gloves & Mechanics Gloves

But the SAI Global Glove Certification is not just for our welding gloves.Elliot also said that our G-Flex Technical Handling Gloves When Mec-Flex Mechanics Gloves to AS/NZS 2161.3. Like our welding gloves, no other company can offer his SAI Global certification for technical handling gloves.

Elliott currently holds 15 different standards with SAI Global, which equates to 639 product certifications. This has firmly established Elliotts as one of the leading manufacturers of quality safety equipment.

We pride ourselves on being a quality assurance company as our customers are assured of superior product performance across our product range. It also means that working people feel safe using our products.


If you would like to learn more about our safety products, or need expert advice on safety equipment that fits your needs, feel free to contact Elliott Australia. We are happy to help!call me 07 3265 2944 Or send us a message – here.

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