Things to Consider Before Buying High Vis Clothing

For most people, winter is associated with hot tea and a good book. But working outside means thicker morning fog, earlier sunsets and, most importantly, less chance of being seen. High-visibility clothing is essential to staying visible during the winter months.

High visibility clothing is arguably one of the most important parts of anyone’s PPE. Most often, they wear high-visibility clothing to alert drivers and other vehicle operators to the presence of workers. Or it’s effective because it responds best to objects in motion.

It’s important to consider two things when buying high visibility clothing.

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When do you wear hi-vis clothes?

Zetel XT Wet Weather Jacket Z59 - Hi Vis Fluoro Yellow with Reflective TrimIt is important to consider the time as follows: high visibility clothing Different materials are used for day and night. Fluorescent materials are used in daytime high-visibility clothing, while nighttime clothing uses retroreflective materials.

Is this hi-vis product certified to a specific Australian standard?

Once a product is certified to certain standards, it provides third-party quality assurance that a particular product is reliable and safe.All our high visibility safety clothing is certified to Australian Standards AS/NZS 4602:1999 High visibility safety clothing By SAI Global. This standard specifies visual requirements for high-visibility safety clothing worn by workers who may be exposed to traffic, moving plants or equipment in high-risk situations.

Especially in winter, it’s important to keep it visible at all times! And because high-visibility clothing is affordable, light, and comes in a variety of shapes, sizes, qualities, and thicknesses, you have every incentive to stay visible.

Stay safe and hi-vis this winter!


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