3 major benefits that FR work clothes bring to your business

It is a common misconception that flame retardant clothing is only worn by firefighters or the oil industry. It’s essential. In this week’s blog, we’re going to talk about three great things about FR workwear.

1. Keep employees safe

FR clothing ensures workers get through the day with minimal chance of burns. This is obvious, but it can be easy to become complacent and underestimate the risks. Take an arc flash for example. Workers recognize that arc flashes can be very hot, but more than 2,000 people are sent to burn the units each year. This is just one example of the need for flame retardant clothing in industrial environments.

2. Encourage a safety culture

FR workwear can be a beacon for maintaining safety in the workplace. That’s why it’s important that everyone gets the job done and maintains a strict FR workwear policy that keeps them fully aware of the safety risks at hand. Maintaining a culture of safety and encouraging awareness helps provide protection against flash fire and arc flash events.

3. Protect your business

After all, employee safety is critical to business success. Needless to say, work-related injuries can cost a lot and damage a business’ reputation. You don’t have to bet on your happiness.

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