The world has gone into ChatGPT madness.

Almost everyone talks about it, but what you don’t talk about is that you’re too busy getting your ChatGPT to finish your homework or crafting the perfect email to your boss explaining why you deserve a raise. It’s because I’m here.

Although there are dangers. Inevitably, this fuss about an extraordinary AI chatbot will pique the curiosity of those who haven’t yet had the chance to try it. And those folks might want an easy way to step into the dystopian artificial intelligence hell that seems to be around the corner.

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So what if you don’t know how to access ChatGPT?

You can use our trusted search engine to find out how to access ChatGPT.

And that’s the first risk. Because cyber criminals have polluted his Google search results with malicious web pages and sponsored ads pointing to fake browser extensions. Claim It provides instant, user-friendly access to ChatGPT, but is actually a cover for doing more malicious things.

As a security researcher at Guardio Labs explanationthe scammer said, “Chat GPT 4.

Google extension chat gpt

Malicious extensions then steal Facebook-related cookies from your computer and silently pass them on to hackers. Hackers can take control of your business’s Facebook page.

Once they gain access to your company’s Facebook account, they can change their password (locking out the real owner) and hijack your business’s official Facebook page to expose disinformation, fraud, and spam. And so on, it spreads virtually anything the hacker wants.

Google said it has removed the extension from the Chrome Web Store and removed malicious ads from search results. However, it wouldn’t be surprising if similar attempts were made to exploit his ChatGPT interest sooner or later.

Remember – browser extensions and add-ons are very powerful. Installing a rogue extension can compromise everything you do in your browser.

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