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What is one of the leading causes of breaches in the cloud?

OMG, it’s still phishing! No wonder CISOs are pushing Zero Trust as a top priority. Identity is the top target in the cloud.

But the reality is that least-privilege access rights are still not properly enforced. As a matter of fact, in the recent Sysdig 2023 Cloud-Native Security and Usage report, 90% of granted permissions are not usedit will be much easier to take the key with you when you move to the side and enter the kingdom.

The report also Non-admin users used only 10% of their granted permissions in 90 daysDevOps teams tend to give both humans and non-humans more privileges than they need, increasing the risk of attacks.

Excessive cloud privileges undermine Zero Trust efforts and expose organizations to further breaches. Read more key takeaways from Sysdig’s report.

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Download the full Cloud-Native Security and Usage Report to uncover the latest insights, including:

  • How businesses can save up to $10 million in cloud costs
  • 87% of images contain advanced or critical vulnerabilities
  • 90% of accounts have excessive permissions

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