Tips for choosing the right cut resistant gloves

We hope that accidents will never happen, but they do and can have a huge negative impact on workers. can be expensive. Worst-case scenarios include reduced worker morale and productivity, high legal costs, and sanctions from regulatory bodies.

G-Flex AirTouch Cut-D Cut Resistant GlovesEducating and persuading employees to wear personal protective equipment (PPE) is one of the best ways to avoid minor accidents. It is better to invest in safety equipment and maintain a positive workplace image than have to cover injury-related costs while ignoring workers.

For many construction and manufacturing workers, their hands are their most valuable tools, and when damaged, they are very difficult to repair. The hand is so complex and relatively delicate that injuries can break bones, damage nerves and tendons, and complete recovery, if at all, can take weeks or months. there is.

G-Flex C5 IMPACT Technical Safety GlovesWearing protective gloves is the easiest way for workers to avoid cuts, punctures and other injuries. Provide your workers with quality safety gear to make sure they are likely to wear it.

Here are some tips on how to choose the right cut resistant gloves.


Make sure the gloves are certified to AS/NZS 2161.3:2005 Occupational Protective Gloves – Protection Against Mechanical Risks. Safety glasses, helmets, and boots must all be certified, as can gloves.

cut standard

G-Flex Dynamax C5 Steeler Safety GlovesManufacturers should provide information on the cut resistance of their gloves. The highest level of protection is cut level 5.


Some cut-resistant gloves only protect against cuts, while others can also protect against punctures, abrasions, and lacerations. Please check your risk.


Extra grips may be required depending on the environment in which the worker works. Such as oily or greasy surfaces and conditions.


G-Flex High Vis C5 Technical Safety GlovesPlease be careful with the material. Personal protective equipment can become very expensive if you buy the wrong product or a cheap, low-quality alternative, so make sure you choose a quality product that is custom-made for your application. .


Ensure workers are provided with safety equipment that fits properly and addresses their specific needs. An ill-fitting and uncomfortable glove, regardless of its quality, ends up in a toolbox or trash can where it is never used.


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