Ready for an intense full body workout? The latest WOD named ‘Bulletproof’ is designed to challenge your endurance, strength and agility.

Coach Andrea will lead this class on Monday nights at 7pm. Don’t miss it! Here’s what you can expect from the training:

  • 50 V-Ups: These target your abs and strengthen your core.
  • 50 KB Swing: Get ready to work your glutes, hamstrings and lower back with this powerful move.
  • 50 Chin-Ups: Build strength in your upper body with chin-ups that target your biceps, triceps, and back muscles.
  • 50 KB Snatches: Complex movements that work the whole body, focusing on the shoulders and hips.
  • 50 Wrestler Sit-Out: This dynamic move also works your core and legs to improve your agility and balance.
  • 50 Bulgarian Split Squats: Finish strong with challenging leg exercises that target the quadriceps and glutes.

Are you ready for the challenge? Don’t worry if you are unfamiliar with these movements. Coach Andrea guides you through each step of your workout. As always, we recommend going at your own pace and correcting your movements as needed.

If you need more motivation to join Bulletproof, we’re here for you. Here are some incentives:

  • You can get great workouts that challenge your body and make you feel stronger and more energized.
  • Coach Andrea is an experienced and knowledgeable coach who is passionate about helping you reach your fitness goals.
  • You will be part of a supportive and encouraging community that will cheer you on every step of the way.
  • you will enjoy! Yes, working out can be fun, especially when you’re surrounded by a group of like-minded individuals working toward the same goals.

what are you looking for Sign up for Bulletproof today and get ready to reach your fitness goals!



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