If you have an Apple computer, watch, or smartphone, you’ve probably already received notice that you need to install an operating system update.

And yes you really should do it Please update your device.

Just weeks after Russian cybersecurity firm Kaspersky attack made public Someone has exploited a zero-day vulnerability in iOS to sneak spyware onto the iPhones of middle and senior executives.

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Kaspersky called for attack “Operation Triangulation”and how the malware infected the device via iMessage’s zero-click exploit.

Currently Apple has released the following patches: iOS, mac OS and watch OS.

Apple Security Notice

A hitherto unknown zero-click remote jailbreak exploit for iOS doesn’t come cheap. Anyone deploying this against Kaspersky must have significant technical resources, or a large budget to purchase exploitable flaw details.

An obvious question is who is behind the advanced spyware attack against Russian security firm Kaspersky.

I’m leaving this question open for you, the kind-hearted reader, to ponder…

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